ALFA BLUETEC – Well Prepared for the Building Site
Perfected Prefabrication ex Works

Dennert-Massivhaus prefabrication in dry environment

Bad weather does not affect our inhouse production. Your house is prefabricated in a dry environment.

The composite heat insulation system and the windows are built in at the factory.

ALFA BLUETEC stands for optimized production processes and guaranteed quality.

ALFA BLUETEC solid houses are produced at the Dennert factory. This guarantees you the highest level of quality as well as maximum energetic and economic efficiency.

Home-builders benefit from weather-independent and highly precise indoor fabrication which is subject to permanent quality control and superior to building procedures at conventional building sites.

Thanks to inhouse production all solid building elements are dry. This reduces dangerous building moisture to a minimum and facilitates extremely short building times.

Bricklayers, façade constructors and electricians work hand in hand and make it possible to skip conventional shell construction. Instead we set up a weather-proof, fully insulated and solid shell ready for interior fittings.


  • Solid light concrete walls with an u-value of 0.19 (standard) to 0.15 W/m2K
  • 20 cm strong composite heat insulation system integrated ex works
  • Windows with an u-value of 1.1 (energy-saving standard) to 0.6 W/m2K (passive house), integrated ex works

Concrete is a natural
product consisting of:

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