ICON – with Built-in Safety
The Solid Building Range with the Home Builder Safety Concept

With ICON, the Dennert Massivhaus GmbH, based in Schlüsselfeld, Bavaria, offers an architecturally sophisticated range of solid buildings with integrated client safety as an elementary component. The crash test dummy trade mark stands for a high quality and safety standard which is unique in this market segment.

The development of the innovative ICON house has been inspired by the automotive industry. More than 15 years ago Dennert began to apply automotive development, quality, test and production scenarios to house building. Today this principle has been perfected up to the highest level and guarantees ICON builders an individual solid building which has been tested in detail, so that build quality and functionality are ensured from the foundation slab to the wall socket.

Each and every detail of the ICON house is subject to a permanent quality management and optimization process similar to the application of motor test blocks, crash tests and test drives in the automotive industries. Not a single screw or roof tile and no gram of concrete are used without having passed the ICON test and without a clearly defined construction process.

What sounds complicated and difficult at first, is a means to achieve highest efficiency and cost effectiveness and a maximum of safety in the construction process of a house. It helps the ICON home builder to freely concentrate on what house building should be: the design of the individual centre of one’s life. Similar to a car seller, Dennert offers home builders the chance to experience a wide range of colours, surfaces and feature details. Builders of ICON houses do not need to worry about functioning doors and heatings or the quality of the paintwork.

The construction of an ICON house takes place on state-of-the-art assembly lines at the factory. Up to five solid buildings can be produced per week at the ICON factory. The so-called room modules are then almost finished and contain everything from the window sill and floor covering to the fitted kitchen. When the ICON house leaves the factory to be transported to the building site, the client can be sure that all elements from the window sealing to the functionalities of the oven, the perfection of the tile joints and the floor insulation meet the highest quality standards. The dry, inhabitable und weatherproof packages of solid building modules are delivered at the building site and assembled by a small team of specialists. At the end of this assembly day ICON house builders get the key to their new home (similar to the procedure when buying a car) and can move in right away. After two or three more days the façade finish and final touches will also be completed and clients can make themselves comfortable in their new ICON house at a fixed price.

The high quality of the ICON house and the great number of “crash tests” do not only ensure a happy moving in but also guarantee safety during the entire life of the building. Cars usually have a service plug for easy diagnostics at the garage, ICON houses come with a quality manual containing a long-term documentation of every detail and every construction step. Alterations, expansions and renovations can thus be executed following the same safety and quality standards as the newly constructed building. This helps clients to always keep track of any component built into their house – this is Dennert’s concept of home builder safety.


For most of us, the construction of a house is the biggest investment of our lives. Therefore it is essential to choose the right products and partners. Dennert has been realizing innovations in the sector of building materials since more than 75 years and three generations. The name Dennert stands for innovative, affordable and safe home building.


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