Dennert Solid Houses – Because Everybody Should Own a House
The New Quality of Solid Construction – Realised with Innovative Production Technologies

More than 10 years ago Dennert came up with the idea to convey concepts of automobile production to house building. We transferred a large part of the construction process from the building site into the factory. Since then hundreds of solid houses are being produced for the most part on Dennert’s assembly lines every year. Smart modular production processes enable us to finish the entire body of the house at our production facility.

Precise work can be taken for granted with Dennert.

We do not need to stop working because of bad weather conditions. It does not rain at our production facilities.

Everything fits right from the beginning. The windows are built in precisely and on time.

Building Projects on Schedule – Maximum Planning Security

Until recently the quality of a house and its technical furnishings largely depended on the building materials and on the skills of the workmen. The total price and building time were difficult to calculate and this almost inevitably led to trouble. But now, there’s an end of it.

You do not need to wait for months until you can move into your own house. Now you are fully in charge of the time schedule of your building project. You no longer need to coordinate work on the building site, cope with paying rent and financing your building project at the same time or spend sleepless nights because of building delays.

Quality without any Financial Risks

Dennert always applies the highest quality standards to each and every project. You can be sure that you always get high-quality furnishings at a fixed price.

You do not need to worry about your building project. We take care of everything.


  • House modules prefabricated at our production plant
  • Construction of your dream house without any delays
  • Fixed price

On the Safe Side … 

For most of us building a house is the biggest investment of our llives. Therefore it is extremely important to build the right house with the right partners. Since more than 75 years Dennert, now in the third generation, has been realising innovative building solutions. Dennert stands for innovative, affordable and safe house buidling.


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